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  • Towns County Old Rock Jail

    Restorations begins…

  • Towns County Old Rock Jail

    Built 1936

  • Commissioner Kendall handing over the jail cell keys

  • Original Jail Cell Keys

  • Ceremony turning the jail over to the TCHS

    Commissioner Cliff Bradshaw with President Sandra Green

  • Exploring behind the walls and above the ceiling

    Ronnie Stroud with president, Sandra Green

  • A peak at the original stone walls

  • Exploring the staircase to the jail cell

    Sandra Green and Frances Shook

  • Staircase to the cells

  • Jail Cells

  • Pulling the plywood back

    The flooring

  • Original wood flooring

  • Dry wall ready to come down

  • Wall with old insulation

  • The wall behind the insulation

  • Original Fireplace

    January 1, 1936 is carved into the mantle

  • Original fireplace

  • Kitchen area with modern day paneling

  • Kitchen area where a dishwasher was located

  • Found in the hole

    Old whiskey and beer bottles

  • Original cook stove was located

    Soot on walls where stove pipe came out

  • Kitchen

    Original wood walls

  • Ceiling

    Cement poured over wood on all of ceiling

  • Living room

    Original wood walls with painted baseboard

  • Taking old wiring down

    Allen Saylor and friend

  • Old wiring

  • Demolition Dumpster

    3 Dumpsters full

  • Cleaning is an essential part of restoration

    Jerry Taylor, County Historian doing his part to vacuum.

  • More vacuuming

  • Jason Edwards pull old drywall off as Frances Shook looks on.

  • Antique Stove Delivery

    Delivery of the antique stove.

  • Delivery of The Stove

    Jerry Taylor inspects the delivery of the antique stove as it is delivered

  • Temperature Controls